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Whale Shark Adventureregular tour

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Whale Shark

 The amazing  experience of swimming and snorkeling with the whale shark now that the season has begun. The official whale shark season is from May 15 to September 15 every year. This animal is very docile and gentle and does not panic when approaching divers or swimmers. The Whale Shark belongs to a subclass of cartilaginous fish. Scientific studies affirm that it inhabits the earth for 60 million years. It is so far considered the largest fish in the world. The Whale Shark has a particular characteristic that sets it apart from other sharks: Its beautiful skin with polka dots and light-colored lines. Its skin measures up to 10 cm thick. The whale shark usually has a length of 31 foot and a weight of 9 tonnes, although sharks of more than 40 feet and 21.5 tonnes have been observed. Only three species are fed by filtration, and the whale shark is one of them. When it opens its jaw to feed, a lot of water is also absorbed, so it is expelled through a filter located in the gills, storing the important food. They feed on plankton, jellyfish, anchovies, fish larvae, corals, phytoplankton, algae, krill, crab larvae, squid, sardines, mackerel, and tuna. The reason for the presence of teeth is unknown since they are not used for eating...


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  • Lunch (shrimp ceviche and chicken sandwiches) drinks.
  • Snorkel equipment and lifejackets
  • Government fees.


  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips and Wetsuit


T-shirt with long sleeves, Towels, Swimsuit, Comfortable shoes, Impermeable jacket, hat, and sunglasses.,  Your Wetsuit.


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* All prices in USD.
Whale Shark Adult: $200.00
Children: $150.00
Swim With the WhaleShark
Whale Shark I Adult: $205.00
Children: $155.00
Whale Shark first